Embry Premium Smart Insoles | Embry.Tech
Take control of your
wellness and get rewarded
Embry Premium Smart Insole is your relible and invisible
activity tracker, which tracks Steps, Walking, Running,
Sitting and connects to your Motearn NFT.

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Forget about moving for free

Just slide Embry into
your shoe & let Embry
empower you!
Embry empowers and sets you free by monitoring your lifestyle behind the scenes. Link your smart insole to your phone, and receive crypto rewards that encourage you to stay on your ultimate level of physical activity.
Your privacy matters as much as your health:
We’ll treat your personal data with utmost protection and care.
Walk towards
your better self!
  • Build better habits
  • Boost your confidence
  • Earn rewards

Embry Premium Smart Insoles


Please note that you can use Embry Insoles only with Motearn NFT. If you already have one, go ahead and redeem your insoles, if not yet, please visit www.motearn.com

Recommended for casual and athletic footwear, mainly sneakers with a removable insole. Trimming lines are imprinted on the insole to perfectly fit your sneaker.

What’s included in the box:
Pair of Embry Smart Insoles,
Wireless Charger,
USB-c Cable

2 days battery life,
2 hrs charging time
Wireless charging


money back guarantee
Free SHipping
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Obtain visible results with 
invisible tracking
Work, walk, sit, stand, run, enjoy your life — let us do the work,
and help you stay in your favorite shape! Created by a team of
designers, engineers and scientists, Embry motivates you to
be the healthier you!
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